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Frequently Asked Questions

Coming to the Hospice can be an overwhelming experience, to help ease the transition we have created a list of FAQ's that you may have.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us directly.


Do we have Covid-19 restrictions?

The Hospice complies with the current government advice and precautions based on the risk level for Covid-19. Risk levels range from low to high and restrictions change depending on the level. Please note these restrictions are subject to change based on risk level and individual client needs, if in doubt please talk with a staff member. If you are feeling unwell it is best to stay home and arrange another day to visit if possible.

What are the Hospice visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are:

10am-1pm and 3pm-5pm daily.

These hours are aimed at allowing our clients peace and rest between visitors.

If these hours do not suit please contact the Hospice Rn on duty to arrange an alternate time.

How much will it cost to stay

at the Hospice?

The Toowoomba Hospice is not for profit and as such will not charge our clients any room fees. We will ask that all clients pay for their own medications and provide personal items. We also contact any private health funds, pension schemes and/or government departments if funding can be provided through these avenues.

What do I need to bring with

me when I am admitted?

How can I help the Hospice continue it's good work?

For a full list of what to bring please see our "About us" page.

We greatly value the support of the community and there are many ways you can help. You are able to attend a Hospice event (see events page), donate directly (see donation page), adopt a room or you may want to Volunteer your time to help (see about us page 'Volunteer Co-Ordinator'). Whatever your capacity we would love to hear from you so please feel free to send us an enquiry 

What is the Toowoomba Hospices' position on Voluntary Assisted Dying?

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021 has been introduced as law into Queensland.

At Toowoomba Hospice, we understand that some people may wish to explore the option of Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) and we respect every person's right to make their own choices as to what may be best for them.

Our mission at the Toowoomba Hospice is to provide safe, quality care in partnership with the community for those with a terminal illness. The Toowoomba Hospice provides palliative and respite care based on mutual respect, trust and individual needs to a variety of clients and their loved ones.

In conformity with our mission, at Toowoomba Hospice we do not provide services associated with voluntary assisted dying at our facility, such as access to the request and assessment process or access to the administration of a voluntary assisted dying substance.

Whilst not itself providing VAD services, Toowoomba Hospice will allow access for our clients to the VAD process to the extent required of us by the law including  the taking of reasonable steps to facilitate the transfer of clients to other places for their access to services.

For more information regarding VAD in Queensland, you may wish to visit the Queensland Health Website:

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