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Hospice Butterfly
  • To provide client, family and carer focused palliative care services and support

  • To actively engage with the client, family, carers and the broader community to inform and empower them

  • To provide high quality, responsive and inclusive palliative care services and support underpinned by participatory decision making

  • To better understand the client, family and carers experience throughout their palliative care and end-of life journey

  • To respect, honour and protect the rights and wishes of the client who is receiving palliative care 

Our Objectives

We actively engage with clients, family and carers in the work of the Hospice and value their input to inform and shape the care provided.


You can tell us about your experience by:


  • Attending a Consumer Forum (contact us if you are interested)

  • Completing a Client Survey

  • Writing, phoning or visiting us to talk to the Director of Nursing or any other staff member who you feel comfortable with

  • Attending a Remembrance Service or Hospice event

  • Engaging in a follow-up call with the Pastoral Care Coordinator  

Your Voice

It is essential that every client has the opportunity to communicate, be heard and be informed about their own care experience, supported and surrounded by family, carers, the Palliative Care Team and the broader community.

Our Model

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The Toowoomba Hospice is committed to working alongside clients, family members and carers to provide individualised and responsive palliative care services.

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