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Every September for the past 8 years we have celebrated Founder's Day. It is a time to reflect and honour those who had the vision and dedication to establish and maintain a Hospice in Toowoomba. Our founder, Sr. Frances Flint csbOAM, who died suddenly in August 2012, was the visionary and driving force behind this acknowledge her legacy as a gift that she has left us.


We honour this gift and those who have accepted the challenge. To our Chairman, Management Committee, staff and volunteers who maintain and continue to develop the Hospice in meeting the challenges and remaining relevant in the service we provide, we say ‘thank you’ for a job well done.


Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to celebrate with a BBQ (a favourite of Sr. Frances), however, let us all share our memories and reflect on our journey to where we are today.




The above logo and motto were the original ones designed for the Hospice

Did you know Sr Frances was a Brigidine Sister?


Founders Day

07 September 2020
Toowoomba Hospice Mult Draw Christmas Raffle

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