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This year Toowoomba Hospice has a new event called "Hoof It for Hospice Care".


New Event Date for this event is now: 25th September 2021


So! What is  "Hoof It for Hospice Care”?


It is an event designed to not only provide physical activity, but an event that incorporates social interaction from all members of our community. An event that will be FUN, by making it so all involved feel not only better in body and mind, but also that they have contributed to supporting the Hospice by providing necessary financial support.


‘Hoof It’ is a team of ten people walking for a period of 4 hours around a circular athletics track. We are hoping to acquire at least 10 teams for the event, so there will be quite a few active people walking/strolling or jogging.  The idea is that each team will have 2 people walking in 30minute time slots, but if they are feeling fit then they can decide what they want to do. Some teams may go clockwise, some might decide the other way, but the idea is to make it fun. Teams can dress in costumes if they so desire, and suitable music will be piped out onto the track to keep them hoping along.


Click Here to Register Online


Hoof it for Hospice Care Fundraiser

19 May 2021
hoof it for hospice care

Toowoomba Hospice