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Sister Frances Flint csb OAM

Sister Frances Flint csb OAM was the founder of the Toowoomba Hospice. 

Sr Frances came to Toowoomba in 1988 to work as the media officer at the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba. Whilst working at the Diocese Sr Flint also worked with the Catholic Woman's League as their Social Issues Convenor. It was this position that brought to light significant social issues one of which was the assisted dying debate present in the mid 1990's. 

Sr Flint came to the realisation that with three Hospitals and an aging population there was no dedicated Hospice in Toowoomba.

After liaising with a network of people ranging from Anglican Priests, Toowoomba Buddhist Community, other small hospice's around Queensland, parliamentary representatives, local government agents and the wider medical community Sr Frances started laying the foundation of a committee to establish what we now know as the Hospice.

The Hospice was only possible with extraordinary volunteer work

and donations from organisations, councils and members of the


The Toowoomba Hospice opened its doors to the community in 

July 2003 and has been continuing to offer support and care ever


"I see my role in all this being to support every moment of life,

especially human life, to do what I can to work for the alleviation

of pain caused by terminal illness and to support those who love

and care for the terminally ill."

Hospice Founder:        Sr Frances Flint csb OAM

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