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Volunteer with us!

Our fabulous volunteers are invaluable and essential to continuing our service. We are always welcoming expressions of interest for new volunteers. Please feel free to send an enquiry to the Hospice for more information, we would love to hear from you!

Check out the slideshow below for more information on our volunteers!

To learn more about Volunteering with the Hospice and attend one of our upcoming info sessions send us an enquiry today

Dave T

"The Hospice has filled the gap created by retirement. It has allowed me to feel good about myself in the knowledge that I am part of this wonderful team, working together for a great cause.

Cassie O

"It is so rewarding to think that I can give back to the Hospice and pay forward to another family that gift of time with their loved ones. I encourage anyone that can give up their time to contact the Hospice to have a chat and see how you can help. You wont regret it!"


"I felt drawn to the Hospice, I feel respected and good about myself,. There has been a positive change that has come over me. The Hospice is a family and I feel part of it. It feels great to help and to give back to the community! I love working in the kitchen doing my breakfast shift... I've regained my self worth and feel validated again."


"I love the Hospice and have been here for over 4 years. I work between housekeeping and reception and I think it is a very rewarding and friendly environment to work in and an overall beautiful place."
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