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Safety and quality

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​The Toowoomba Hospice Quality System is part of an organisation wide Governance and Quality Framework which functions to improve the quality and safety of our palliative care services.

Safety and Quality

Our Core Values

Our Vision is to provide palliative and respite care based on mutual respect, trust and individual needs.


Our Mission is to provide quality care in partnership with the community for those with a terminal illness.


The Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Toowoomba Hospice are witnessed through the actions of our Staff, Volunteers, Medical Practitioners and the Management Committee each and every day as they care for and support the client, family and carers.

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission








​The Hospice is led by the Management Committee whose members are drawn from the Toowoomba Hospice Association and represent a broad cross section of the community.


The role and function of the Management Committee is to create a palliative health service that is responsive to the needs of clients, family and carers and actively engage with these individuals to inform the strategic direction, operational management and ongoing performance review of the service. 

Our Management Committee

Clinical Governance

Safety and quality is also underpinned by an effective system of clinical governance which is used to promote, measure and monitor the quality of care provided by the organisation.   Key priorities include:


  • Active engagement with the client, family and carers in the care provided
  • Informed clinician decision-making 
  • Providing evidence based care
  • Streamlining clinical processes
  • Fostering clinical and service improvement 
  • Measurement of clinical care processes and outcomes 
  • Performance monitoring using internal and external benchmarking



The Toowoomba Hospice is committed to providing a safe and quality health care service for clients, families and signification others.  We are accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare (ACHS) National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards and EQuIPNational Standards.


Palliative Care Outcomes

The Toowoomba Hospice voluntarily participates in the Standardised Clinical Assessment to Benchmark Patient Outcomes in Palliative Care (PCOC), which is designed to measure and improve palliative care outcomes for clients, their families and carers. In 2015, the Toowoomba Hospice was one of only three organisations nationally that exceeded the performance benchmarks.


Our Team

The Toowoomba Hospice is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week by Registered Nurses and Personal Care Assistants trained in palliative care. We provide a comprehensive Orientation and Staff Development Program for all nursing, medical, support staff and volunteers. This ensures they possess the necessary information, skills and knowledge to provide high quality palliative care services and support.


Our Pastoral Carers

Working as part of the Support Team, Hospice Pastoral Care offers emotional and spiritual support to our clients, families and carers while respecting their privacy, vulnerability, personal beliefs and feelings. Acknowledging the journey of grief that follows the death of a loved one, Remembrance Services are held during the year and follow up telephone calls are made on a regular basis to the families. Our Pastoral Carers are appropriately qualified, experienced and supervised and our Pastoral Care Coordinator is a member of the local Pastoral Care Coordinators Network.


Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers play an important role in the day to day running of our facility and we are proud to be supported by such a dedicated group of people.   We are proud to have more than 100 trained volunteers providing support across the organisation. In 2016 our Volunteers received the Toowoomba and Regional Australia Day Award for Community Groups.  We hosted a thank you lunch to show our heartfelt thank you, appreciation and congratulations to them all.    


Volunteering at the Toowoomba Hospice

Core Values


  • To offer quality palliative and respite care
  • To deliver multi-disciplinary, holistic care
  • To ensure the voice of clients, family and carers are heard and acted upon
  • To engage and foster the services of staff and volunteers
  • To acknowledge and enhance community support
  • To provide a centre of excellence in palliative care
  • To facilitate education in palliative care for those who seek it
  • To offer bereavement support to clients, families, carers and friends
  • To ensure service excellence through the development and implementation of policies and procedures
  • To provide a safe environment for staff, volunteers, clients, families and carers

The Toowoomba Hospice is an independent, non-denominational community facility governed by the Management Committee on behalf of the Toowoomba Hospice Association.


We are a not-for-profit community organisation providing palliative care services on a non-fee basis and rely on recurrent State Government funding, private health funding and generous community support.


​Our strategic direction provides a foundation for the identification of priorities and key activities which will enable the Toowoomba Hospice to meet its objectives and fulfil the vision, mission and core values.   Our objectives provide internally focused operational targets which are measurable and align with the strategic direction, encompassing clinical support and corporate services.

Strategic Direction

Committee Members


Mr. Robert Goldsworthy

Mrs. Cheryl Morrish

​Ms Tracey Roberts

Mr Robbie Craig



Executive​ Chairman

Mr. Graham Barron OAM


Deputy Chairman

Mr Stephen Davis



Mrs Judith Timmins



Mr. Stephen Davis  

Committee Members 2022

The Toowoomba Hospice is an accredited healthcare facility that provides free palliative and respite care based on mutual respect, trust and individual needs. Its mission is to provide quality care in partnership with the community for adults with a terminal illness.


Built by the community at a cost of $1.2 million, the facility provides six beds for people in their final stages of life. Modelled on the Ipswich Hospice, the Toowoomba Hospice has been designed to provide a home like atmosphere for the terminally ill.

In Partnership with the Community

About the Toowoomba Hospice

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