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What will I receive?


  • You will receive a fully tax deductible receipt for your investment.
  • An acknowledgement plaque on the room that you or your organisation adopt.
  • Free bi-monthly Hospice Newsletter subscription.
  • A framed Certificate of Adoption. 

Where does the money go?


  • Fresh paint and touch ups!
  • Updating carpet
  • Linen replacement
  • Purchase of furnishings or furniture
  • General maintenance and up-keep
  • Clinical consumables
  • Periodic professional cleaning
  • 24 hr nursing care

Adopt a Room Brochure

Adopt a Room at the Hospice


Adopting a Room provides the Toowoomba Hospice with financial assistance to maintain client facilities and to provide professional palliative care.


The Toowoomba Hospice offers its services at no charge. With an annual budget forecast of over 1.75 million dollars in expenses and with the generous income commitments from Queensland Health and The Toowoomba Pure Land Learning College we still need $750, 000.00 each year.​


As part of our ongoing fundraising efforts, the Toowoomba Hospice looks for support in every avenue possible, and this is why we are proud to ask you to Adopt a Room.

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