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Hang Ya Boss Out To Dry!

We are asking businesses on the Darling Downs to

“Hang their boss out to dry"

When you register your boss, we will place him or her in a scissor lift/ cherry picker and send them up to the top. They can contact anyone or as many people they like to raise their money, so hopefully no-one will be left hanging!"

Just over $449,000 has been raised over the last 9 years 

This year we hope to raise over $50,000 to make it ½ a million dollars being raised by this novel event over the last 10 years.


As an extra incentive, the Boss who raises the most money has the opportunity to host the 2024 Hang Ya Boss Out To Dry at their work place.


The event being hosted by the Newlands Group Toowoomba will be held on 26th May from 6am-9am onwards at the Newlands Group Head Office (6 Ann Street Toowoomba) with a live outside broadcast until 9am by our good friend Lee from the Triple M Breakfast Show. The Team from Newlands will be selling Breakfast Burgers with proceeds going back to the Hospice. Hot drinks will also be on sale from Laundry Espresso with proceeds going back to the Hospice.

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