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Services Available

Services available:

The Toowoomba Hospice is dedicated to providing optimal and client directed care during your stay.

Your general practitioner or nominated general practitioner will visit you regularly while you are a client with us. As well as your GP the Hospice care team also involves:

* Registered Nurses

* Clinical Nurse

* Personal Care Assistants (PCA's)

* Volunteers

* A comprehensive management team

* Pastoral care team


* Allied Health can be arranged on a case by case basis

As well as the clinical team the following services and facilities are available:

Laundry: If families are unable to attend to the client’s personal laundry, the Hospice will wash personal clothing for the client, provided it is clearly marked.

Meals: All meals are provided for clients. Families and visitors can access tea and coffee facilities in the clients rooms.

Grief counselling: ongoing bereavement support can be arranged  by the Pastoral Care team.

Complementary therapies: Offered by trained practitioners, such as Oncology Massage, Aromatherapy, Hair Care and Therapy Dogs can be arranged dependent on availability.

Allied Health: including podiatry needs, can be arranged however may incur additional costs. The RN will provide further information if required.

Reflection Room: This is a purpose built quiet room for clients and their loved ones and is available for reflection or prayer.

BBQ Facility: The Hospice has a beautiful recently built BBQ area available for use by clients and their visitors through negotiation with the RN.

Day Leave: Clients may leave the Hospice during the day after approval has been given by their Medical Practitioner. Arrangements should be made with the nursing staff.

Pets: We welcome your pets at the Hospice however as a courtesy to other clients, they must be controlled within the client’s room. Pets can be taken into the garden (on a leash) and staff are available to supply water bowls and plastic bags for waste if necessary.




Please be aware smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises

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